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How Off-Marketing Selling Works

Chances are you have received a letter from us in your mail informing you that a genuine buyer has approached us asking for our help finding a property in your particular suburb or area.

Firstly the letter is genuine, the buyer is real.

This process works quite simply, when buyers ask us for help locating a property, we ask them a series of questions to help understand their needs, then we search through property data to find properties that possible fit their criteria.

We write to the owners, informing them of the buyers situation, if the owners are willing to consider an offer on their property then we arrange an inspection to confirm that it meets the buyers needs.

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What Happens Next

If your property meets the buyers needs, we sit down with you and determine a selling price acceptable to you and arrange the buyer to come and inspect. We represent you the owner in these transactions, not the buyer, we are not buyers agents, we do not receive any payment from the buyer at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I have to accept an offer?

Absolutely not, the decision to sell or not to sell is entirely yours, you can withdraw from the process at any time prior to the exchange of contracts.

2.  What if I'm not ready to sell yet, but will be in the future?

It may be possible to arrange a delayed settlement, anywhere up to 12 months.


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